In 2001, I had an idea: wouldn't it be nice to have a website that indexed the best news web sites out there and presented you with the news you'd want to read? Thus was born Memigo: a newsbot that used personalization and collaborative filtering to present the most relevant news items for you. Before Google News, memigo provided you with news recommendations from hundreds of news sites. Before Digg, it allowed the users to submit their own news links (and with spam protection to boot). In 2003 PC World included memigo in their "Best of the Web" list.

In June 2007, the server died, and in the meantime I had started another company that has been taking every moment of my time. So memigo's offline, and since the niche it once pioneered is now quite full, I don't see the point of reviving it without having something truly innovative to offer again. The main domain was sold in May 2008.

If you are a memigo user, thank you for the time you spent on the site.